‘Racetrax Rookie’ Circles the Track and Wins – Twice!

Hot handicapper manages two Superfecta wins on one race for $103,182 payout

A bit of beginner’s luck and help from her dad sent a Germantown “Racetrax Rookie” to the winners’ circle twice last weekend. The novice mistakenly placed a longshot bet twice on the same race and won big, nabbing a $17,197 prize and an $85,985 prize for a total win of $103,182.

Her big win came while she was enjoying what has become the rare night out with friends. The 41-year-old was playing cards in an outdoor seating area at La Mexicana in Germantown and decided to try her luck with Racetrax, the Lottery’s virtual horseracing game.

“I had a bit of luck on the game, winning a few Win and Show bets for a couple hundred dollars and decided I should try my Dad’s numbers on a longshot bet,” explained “Racetrax Rookie.”

An admissions officer at a local college, the player said her father is a big horseracing fan and frequently plays a 2, 9, 5, 10 combination for Superfecta bets at big races like the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.

When she placed her wager at the Lottery retailer using her dad’s Superfecta combination, a happy accident occurred. Intending to bet $1 for five consecutive races, “Racetrax Rookie” mistakenly wagered $5 on one race. She placed a second bet, using the same combination for her intended five races, when she realized the mistake.

Her wagers paid off big on the first race. The happy woman beat the 25,822.11 to 1 odds twice to win the Superfecta prize on both tickets simultaneously. When she discovered her luck, “Racetrax Rookie” was overcome with emotion and phoned her father to share the news.

The lucky woman said she plans to use her winnings to fund her future, save for her children and use a portion to fund local youth programs through her church.

For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, La Mexicana at 13016 Middlebrook Road in Montgomery County receives a retailer bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equivalent to 1 percent of the prizes, approximately $1,031.