Rainy Day Errand Leads Boonsboro Man to His Biggest Lottery Win

Claims $50,000 Powerball prize in Jan. 1 drawing

When it rains, apparently it pours Lottery luck if you are a Boonsboro Powerball player. He made a trip to the store in the rain and bought a $50,000 winning ticket in the Jan. 1 drawing.

The 49-year-old unexpectedly visited Safeway #1559 located at 815 E. Main Street in Middletown, where he also unexpectedly bought the winning ticket. The visit was unexpected because he only shops there a few times a year. The Washington County resident needed to buy a gift card for his brother so opted for the Safeway. While there, he decided to also try his luck at a Powerball quick-pick ticket.

He then forgot about his ticket for nearly two weeks. It sat on a table beneath a growing pile of papers and holiday items. Fortunately, the happy winner found the ticket and checked the game’s winning numbers on the Maryland Lottery website. That’s when he learned of his good fortune.

“I think we won,” he said to his daughter, who was standing by while he checked the winning numbers. The happy husband then called his wife to share the great news. “I’m feeling blessed,” the lucky dad told Lottery officials.

He had to undergo significant knee surgery in the past so a good portion of his prize will payoff those medical bills. The player, who enjoys riding motorcycles and taking vacations, hopes to use any remaining funds for a fun trip and possibly a new motorcycle.

Although he and others in Maryland have won $50,000 prizes in recent Powerball drawings, no one has hit the jackpot since Nov. 2! Players can still get tickets for the Saturday, Jan. 11 drawing and try to win the $277 million jackpot. The cash option is $188.4 million.