Rainy Day Pours Lottery Cash on Parkton Keno Player

This “Keno King” from Parkton took shelter from the rain and was showered, instead, with a $12,004 Keno prize!

Lucky man wins $12,004 on 6-spot bet

A Parkton man seeking shelter from the rain couldn’t escape a downpour of a different kind. In addition to the shower he received from Mother Nature, this lucky Keno player was drenched in cash by Lady Luck.

The 59-year-old began his trip to a $12,004 Keno win by riding his motorcycle to work. The big winner, who works in property management, didn’t realize rain was in the forecast. On his ride home, the sky opened up and poured down on him.

“I was soaked,” he said. “To get out of the rain, I stopped to grab something to drink and to play my favorite game, Keno. I have regular numbers that I’ve been playing for years.”

The Baltimore County resident stopped at The Towne Tavern & Spirits in Cockeysville and played his numbers – 13, 14, 15, 33, 34 and 67. The single father of four adult children placed a 6-spot bet for 10 draws and added the game’s Super Bonus feature to his wager. He settled in with a beverage and watched the Keno monitor as his games played out.

The “Keno King,” as he dubbed himself for his Lottery winner’s photo, sat staring in disbelief as his numbers appeared on the screen. Then, he realized the multiplier for his winning game was 12x the regular prize.

“I told the lady sitting beside me that if that 67 comes out, I’ll win $12,000,” he said, smiling. Sure enough, that 67 was the last number to appear and showered the “Keno King” with a big $12,004 Keno prize.

The happy dad could not contain his excitement and those around him at The Towne Tavern were all very happy for him. Shortly after the Keno storm hit, the lucky player went home and hid his ticket. Apparently, Lady Luck was still with the “Keno King” because a trip to Hollywood Casino in Perryville later that night landed him an additional $1,900.

It took “Keno King” a week to get his paperwork together so he could claim the prize. Each day, he checked to make sure his ticket was still safe. He plans to put his prize in the bank and hope for another rainy day. “To think, if it wasn’t raining, I would not have stopped,” he said.

Also a winner is his lucky retailer located at 10257 York Road. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, The Towne Tavern & Spirits will receive a $120 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.