Randallstown Man Retrieves $1 Million Winning Powerball Ticket From Trash

A lucky man’s million dollar Powerball ticket almost got thrown away when he inadvertently tossed the ticket in the waste bin. Before checking his tickets, the appliance deliveryman accidentally threw them in the garbage.  Lucky for him, he realized later in the week that he needed to check those tickets.  That’s when he pulled them out of the trashcan and learned he had a $1 million second-tier winning ticket.

The lucky winner plans to put money towards his mortgage and take a couple long-awaited vacations. The 62-year-old is most looking forward to a more secure retirement. “The economy has caused my retirement accounts to lose ground,” said the winner. “With the win, retirement is more realistic.”

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“They don’t know they have a millionaire working with them, although, I do have a bit of a millionaire swagger now,” joked the Randallstown man, when talking about his employers. The winning ticket was purchased at Pimlico Check Cashing on Brenbrook Drive in Randallstown.