Random Numbers Give Player a $10,016 Keno Prize

Winner finds his Lottery luck in Middle River

Visiting a friend who works at a Middle River establishment to unwind and play a few games of Keno on his day off gave a Baltimore man an unexpected payday. Thanks to Lottery luck, he walked away a $10,016 winner!

The 55-year-old dropped by Captain’s Sports Bar & Grill in Middle River and decided to play a six-spot for 10 Keno games. He added the Super Bonus feature to his ticket, which turned out to be a 5x multiplier for the winning game.

“This is so awesome,” he said. “I ended up walking away with over $10,000. This is just absolutely amazing.”

The lucky man said he picked numbers at random and had never won this much money before. He plans to pay bills with some of his prize and save the rest.

“I really just went to the bar to relax and visit my friend who bartends there,” he said. “This is so exciting!”

The retailer, located at 2843 Eastern Avenue, is also a winner. For selling a winning Keno ticket of at least $10,000, Captain’s Sports Bar & Grill earns a $100.16 bonus.