Ravens Cash Fantasy Makes DC Man a Millionaire

Ravens Cash FantasyA Washington, D.C. resident claimed a prize that Maryland Lottery officials had almost given up as lost.  The winner was happy to relieve them of their concerns but even more so to relieve them of $1 million, thanks to the Ravens Cash Fantasy instant game.

Surrounded by his family, the new millionaire described how his lottery luck had found him.  He bought the ticket on Tuesday but pocketed it with plans to scratch the next day – a lucky routine for him.  Wednesday found him at a funeral but before attending the viewing he played his tickets.  “I thought it was a winner but wasn’t sure I was reading it correctly,” he told officials.  “I got out my glasses and the numbers still matched.”  When asked if he was overcome with joy, as most surely would be, he replied, “I couldn’t really celebrate, I was about to walk into a funeral.”

Ravens Cash Fantasy hit the streets in August of last year and, according to officials, is almost sold-out.  Director of Communications Carole Everett was beginning to think they’d never find the last million dollar winner, worried that the ticket had been accidentally thrown away.  “We were getting a little anxious so it’s great to be able to celebrate another millionaire.”

Once family bills, a new car and maybe a cruise are taken care of, great attention will be directed toward the new millionaire’s twelve grandchildren.  The $1 million winner was sold by Barnabas Liquors, 4620 Barnabas Rd. in Temple Hills.