Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-Off Finds Its First Big Winner

North Carolina Man Claims $250,000 Instant Prize

A trip to see his childhood friend produced more than a great time and shared memories for a North Carolina man. The lucky visitor was the first top-prize winner of the Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off which went on sale earlier this month. There are still five $250,000 top prizes remaining to be won on the popular $5 ticket.

Having just arrived in town, the winner joked that he’d be heading home right away.  “I left home wanting to have a fun trip and this happens on my first day here?  I don’t want to press my luck.”

The 27-year old construction worker from Goldsboro stopped by the 7-11 convenience store at 403 Frederick Road in Baltimore yesterday with his friend to get a cold soda. He decided to try the game, one he had not seen before, and scratched the ticket there in the store.  “We knew it was a winner,” he said, “but didn’t know how much.”  After consulting the clerk the friends realized just how much the Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket was worth.  “We were yelling, jumping, hugging – inside the place and out in the parking lot.”

As happy as he is with the $250,000 win, the North Carolina man seemed to be especially looking forward to hitting the sack tonight.  “I haven’t gotten any sleep since this happened.  Now that it’s a done deal I can relax.”  Helping family is the first thing today’s winner plans to do with his prize money.  A new motorcycle might also find its way into his garage.

Back for a third consecutive year, the Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket offers more than $11.2 million in instant cash prizes. As in previous years, the ticket features an Internet promotion offering one-of-a-kind experiential prizes such as season tickets for life, an away trip with the team, luxury skybox tickets and more. New prizes added this year include, $1 million cash, a “Ravens Fan Cave,” a Ravens hospitality tent for 30 people, autographed helmets and numerous other prizes. Players may enter via mdlottery.com/ravens by entering the special “extra yards” code on the perforated portion of the Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off.