Ravens Fan Reveals $100,000 Scratch-off Prize During Steelers Game

$100K $5 Ravens-Happy Ravens Winner_web

This lucky Ravens scratch-off winner scored her top prize during the Nov. 6 Ravens-Steelers game.

Claims top prize on $5 Ravens game

The Baltimore Ravens had scored their first touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday when a Baltimore mom headed to the kitchen. One of her adult daughters was keeping an eye on the game while scratching off the pair of $5 Ravens instant tickets that her mom had bought earlier that day.

The Maryland Lottery scratch-off fan suddenly heard a commotion coming from her daughter.

“She started screaming and she screams every time the Ravens make a touchdown,” the lucky woman said. “She yells, ‘Touchdown, touchdown!’ This time, though, she didn’t stop screaming. I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ and she just kept screaming. Then she said, ‘Mom, come and see! Come and see!’”

The 69-year-old hurried to her daughter’s side and found her holding a top-prize winning ticket. “I said, ‘Are you sure? Let me get my glasses,’” said the mother of two. Sure enough, the second of the two tickets carried the top prize. “Thank you, Lord!” she recalls saying repeatedly.

The retired federal government employee credits her sister for helping with her lucky win because her sibling encouraged her to visit Crestlyn Market in Baltimore.

“We left church yesterday and my sister said we should go to a little store that sells the best Italian Ice.” While there, the lucky player bought the scratch-offs. “My sister is going to get a reward,” she said. “I never would have gone to that little store otherwise.”

The happy winner has already shared the good news with her sister. She plans to spend her prize on bills, helping her daughters financially and possibly buying a new car.

The lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. The store located at 3838 Crestlyn Road will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize ticket in the game. There are still lots of unclaimed prizes on the $5 Ravens ticket, including three more $100,000 top prizes and thousands of prizes ranging from $5 to $50,000.