Due to the Thanksgiving holiday we had to push back the week 12 winner one week. So without further ado here are the week 12 and 13 winners.

The week 12 Ravens Ritual of the week winner is Liz Tanner from Annapolis. “We have to eat something purple, whether it’s jello shooters or deviled eggs. You can’t just have purple on you, it must be in you!”

The week 13 Ravens Ritual of the week winner is Alicia Bing from Glen Burnie. “I watch every football game wheater they lose or win and I’m always wearing my Joe Flacco Jersey.”

As a Ravens Ritual of the Week winner Liz and Alicia win a Maryland Lottery Baltimore Ravens stadium blanket and 100 Extra Yards toward his favorite Ravens Cash Fantasy prize.

Do you wear a lucky Ravens jersey? Do you watch the game from your same lucky chair? Tell us your Ravens Ritual by posting a photo or video with a short description and you will automatically be entered to win great Maryland Lottery and Ravens prizes.