Ravens x10 Scratch-off Gives Loyal Fan a Touchdown Win

A fan of the Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens, “Lester” of Rockville listened to his intuition and scored a $50,000 prize on the Ravens X10 scratch-off.

Montgomery County man claims $50,000 prize

After a long day at work, a Rockville man gave in to his intuition and detoured to his local Safeway to buy one of his favorite scratch-offs. Listening to a gut feeling that Lottery luck was coming his way helped the 64-year-old score a $50,000 prize on the Ravens x10 game.

Nicknamed “Lester,” the Montgomery County man had planned to meet his girlfriend at a fast-food restaurant after work. At first, “Lester” was going to pass by the Lottery retailer, which is one of his favorites. Something told him to stop and test his luck so he did just that.

The big Baltimore Ravens fan bought the very last $5 Ravens x10 scratch-off the retailer had on sale.

“I normally just scratch the prize check so when I scratched it and scanned to see how much I won, I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said the winner. “I said, ‘No that can’t be right.’ I even called over an employee to check what I was seeing.”

Filled with excitement, lucky “Lester” left the store to meet his girlfriend at the restaurant. To surprise her, he suggested she scratch the entire instant ticket. She was certainly surprised!

“Lester” plans to use the winnings toward bills and to treat himself and his girlfriend to something nice down the road. Congrats to “Lester,” our lucky Ravens X10 winner and to Safeway #1668, which is located at 5510 Norbeck Road in Rockville.