RCF Winners Spotlight: Winner stuffs the entry box for two cash prizes

By Derek Arnold, RussellStreetReport.com

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William Beyers - Ravens Cash Fantasy

Bill Beyers smiles as he collects his $25,000 prizes.

It’s no secret that players of the Maryland Lottery’s Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off game have the chance to win awesome Ravens-related prizes like trips with the team or VIP game day experiences. However, the game also offers players the opportunity to win the age-old lottery prize: cold, hard cash.

With two $250,000 instant winners remaining, $25,000 weekly second-chance drawings, as well as the top second-chance prize of $1,000,000, Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-offs offer plenty of chances to win cash, the language that fans everywhere speak.

However, it’s always better when a Ravens fan wins it, even if it’s slightly indirectly.

Bill Beyers of Catonsville is a Maryland transplant, originally from the south. He follows the Ravens, “because I live in Baltimore, and they’re the team.” His girlfriend, though, is a “die-hard Ravens fan,” according to Bill. What originally started as an attempt to win tickets for a Ravens game for her has turned into consecutive cash prizes for Mr. Beyers.

“I was trying to win tickets for my girlfriend, but then I started trying [for all the prizes],” said Beyers.

Last year, Beyers started buying tickets on his girlfriend’s birthday, and ended up winning a $10,000 prize. Once a winner gets that first prize, though, it just makes them want to keep playing – and, hopefully, keep winning.

“When [Ravens Cash Fantasy] started again this year, I decided to do it again since I had luck last year.”

This year, Beyers indeed kept his luck going, to the tune of a $25,000 prize.

Even though his prize was bigger this year, Beyers says it was more exciting when he won the first time.

“To be honest, I was more excited the first time because I never thought I’d win,” Beyers recalled. “This year, when I got the call, I was excited – overjoyed – but last year was a little bit better because it was just a shot in the dark, and I was just hoping to get Ravens tickets!”

The good news about winning cash is that you can turn it into whatever you’d like…including those Ravens tickets.

“Oh yeah, we’ve been to several Ravens games [since winning],” Beyers explained.

So what’s Beyers’ secret? It seems that luck is on his side, but he makes sure to stack the odds in his favor as much as possible by buying Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off tickets every chance he gets.

“I buy my tickets all over Maryland because my job takes me into different areas,” said Beyers. “I buy lots of them. I do a hundred entries into the $25,000 prize every week, minimum. I have a whole box full of old tickets.”

While Beyers’ multiple wins are inspiring for potential new players of Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-offs, players will still have all his entries to contend with, because he says he’s not done yet.

“I hope to win again! I hope to be up there [at the Maryland Lottery offices to claim a prize] again soon.”

The next second chance drawing is Tuesday, January 15. Enter at mdlotteryravens.com.