Red Hot Lottery Win to Finance Sizzling Summer Fun

Rosetta Hardges - Hot Doubler

Rosetta Hardges celebrates her big win.

Baltimore Woman Wins $30,000 on Hot Doubler Scratch-Off

A mother-daughter shopping trip on a steamy hot Wednesday afternoon ended with Rosetta Hardges of Baltimore making a sizzling buy of the day: a $3 Hot Doubler scratch-off ticket worth $30,000.

The two had finished shopping when Rosetta’s 26-year-old daughter suggested purchasing some Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets for her uncle and some scratch-off tickets for themselves. Rosetta, 55, stopped and bought the tickets at DJ Liquors at 8640 Pulaski Highway in Rosedale.

“I was driving, so I let her scratch them,” said Rosetta, who is a phlebotomist at Saint Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. They were en route to a restaurant when her daughter scratched off the winning ticket, screamed the good news and then had to warn her excited mom to keep her eyes on the road.

“We just could not believe it,” Rosetta said. “We screamed and hollered.”

The two bought dinner and returned to the store to verify the win. The Lottery retailer confirmed their luck, urged Rosetta to sign the back of the ticket immediately and made a copy for the store to show patrons that his business sold a big winner.

The $30,000 top prize on the Hot Doubler scratch-off is Rosetta’s second big Maryland Lottery win. The mother-of-three and grandmother-of-two took home $10,000 playing Pick 4 last year.

The lucky Lottery player will spend some of her winnings on a trip to Las Vegas in August. She also plans to pay off some of her bills and make some home improvements.