Reinvested Winnings Give Player a $250,000 Fortune

Delaware resident Earl Carter saw his love of playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs pay off with a $250,000 windfall.

Reinvests $30 in prizes, finds big win on CASH scratch-off

Delaware resident Earl Carter is an avid Maryland Lottery player who favors scratch-offs as his game of choice. After winning $30 recently, he decided to reinvest his prizes into the purchase of two more scratch-offs and one of them — the CASH game — delivered a $250,000 windfall!

The electrical superintendent said he often stops at Wawa #547 in Elkton to play Lottery games. After purchasing the two instant tickets, the 48-year-old sat in his car and scratched them off. He wasn’t sure if a $10 CASH scratch-off really was a winner so he phoned his wife for a reality check. He then went back inside the store and very discretely scanned his lucky instant ticket to confirm the top-prize win.

“I was very nervous,” Earl said. The Newark resident kept his instant ticket in his back pocket at all times until he claimed the prize July 6 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. He has shared news of his Lottery luck with a few family members and some co-workers.

In addition to his electrical work, Earl enjoys creating furniture, doors and working with wood. When asked of his plans for his prize, the winner said that he’s going to pay off bills, invest some of the windfall and make some home improvements.

His lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. The Cecil County business earns a bonus of $1,000 for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off worth $250,000.

Plenty of prizes remain in this game, which offers players a chance to win four $250,000 top prizes, 10 $10,000 prizes and 15 $1,000 prizes. The CASH scratch-off ranks 12th this week on the list of the Lottery’s top 40 best-selling instant tickets.