Reisterstown Woman Claims $575,000 Multi-Match Jackpot

The Maryland Lottery’s Multi-Match game is on a roll with two winners in as many weeks. A happy Reisterstown woman claimed the jackpot of $575,000 for the April 12th drawing, which came on the heels of a recent $1.9 million win in St. Mary’s County on March 29th.

The latest happy winner is an avid fan of Lottery games, particularly Multi-Match, Mega Millions, Powerball and scratch-offs. Accompanied to Lottery headquarters by a couple close friends, the woman said emphatically, “I knew I was going to win. It was never a matter of if, but when.”

Her “certain” Lottery prize was on a quick pick $2 Multi-Match play which she purchased on April 10. She discovered her good fortune on Saturday and immediately called her friend. Unable to reach her, she then called her mom, who “kind of freaked out.” When she was finally able to share her news with her friends, her refrain was, “I told you so.”

The winner is just as positive that she will be returning to Lottery Headquarters to claim Mega Millions and Powerball prizes. Until then, she will use her current $575,000 prize to pay off her house.  “One down, two to go,” she said with authority. “This is just one of three.”

The lucky ticket was purchased at Reisterstown Wine & Spirits, 11933 Reisterstown Rd in Reisterstown.