Reisterstown Woman Starts Weekend with $100,000 Scratch-off Prize

Takes home $100 Grand game’s top prize

Friday was anything but typical for a Reisterstown scratch-off player. First, the 71-year-old stopped at Chartley Liquors in Reisterstown to purchase a couple of $5 Gold tickets. The Maryland Lottery player scratched them off, winning $10.

“I cashed in the $10 and looked for a specific ticket I like,” said the retiree. “I couldn’t find that ticket, so I decided to get the $100 Grand scratch-off.”

The Baltimore County resident took the $10 scratch-off home, baked a cake and did a few other things around the house before scratching off the instant ticket. Once she did, she couldn’t believe it.

“I kept looking at the ticket over and over again,” she said with a smile. “I had no idea what ‘AUTOWIN’ meant, but I soon learned that I automatically won that prize.”

The winner then took the lucky scratch-off back to the store, and asked them to check the ticket. The store owner confirmed her $100,000 win and told her to sign the back of the scratch-off immediately, which was great advice. She then called her son, only telling him that she needed a ride to Washington Boulevard in Baltimore.

“I knew right away what that meant,” he told Lottery officials. “She won something big.”

The thrilled winner has no idea what she’ll do with her newfound windfall. She’s not the only winner in this transaction, either. For selling the $100,000 top-prize ticket in the game, Chartley Liquors located at 122 Chartley Road in Reisterstown earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

Lots of unclaimed prizes remain in this game, which went on sale in September. Players can search for six more $100,000 top prizes, eight $20,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $10,000.