Remodeling Pros Credit Megaplier for $30,000 Mega Millions Win

These remodeling pros nailed a $30,000 Mega Millions prize in the Sept. 21 drawing.

Pair’s Sept. 21 prize tripled with optional Mega Millions game feature.

Megaplier, the optional bonus feature for Mega Millions, earned a special place in a pair of Baltimore remodeling pros’ arsenal of Lottery tools. Adrian Quintana and Bosveli Pineda, a jackpot-chasing team of co-workers, added the Megaplier option to their quick-pick ticket and nailed down a $30,000 Mega Millions prize.

The Lottery-playing duo formed many years ago, when the two men brushed shoulders while doing framing and concrete work at the same remodeling company. In September, while the Mega Millions jackpot was riding high at $432 million, Adrian purchased the lucky ticket in hopes of winning the jackpot in the Sept. 21 drawing. The 31-year-old’s purchase fit their pattern of Mega Million purchases except this time they added the Megaplier.

A New Yorker won the jackpot that night and the randomly generated numbers on their ticket won a $10,000 third-tier prize. That payout tripled to $30,000 because the Megaplier was X3.

“We were shaking a bit. We’ve never won that type of money,” said Bosveli.

He said the prize money would come in handy, allowing the pair to add to their savings and prepare for a festive holiday season with their families.

They purchased their winning Mega Millions ticket at Red Sea Petroleum located at 101 West Patapsco Avenue in Baltimore.