Repeat Racetrax Winner Returns to Winner’s Circle with $10,010 Trifecta Win

Third win in two years for Prince George’s County handicapper

A lucky Largo man didn’t have to wait for the Preakness Stakes to experience the excitement of a thrilling Maryland horse race. Continuing a streak of lucky Racetrax wagers, the 57-year-old handicapper made his third trip in two years to the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle. This time, he collected a $10,010 prize.

His return to Racetrax winning happened when the Prince George’s County resident purchased a $5 wager for five races last week from a Mitchellville retailer. He chose the lucky Trifecta numbers 12, 7 and 9 based on a gut feeling. On the final race, his horses finished in that order and gave him the $10,010 prize.

The loyal Racetrax fan is currently a general contractor who has enjoyed several brushes with Lottery luck. In 2018, he won big twice with a $12,400 prize and one for $224,529 – the second highest in Racetrax history!

The winner is grateful for his latest win.

“I thank God for this,” he said. “The past wins have helped me when my seasonal work has slowed. Now, it’s going to help me on my way to retirement.”

The triple wins also inspired his quiet generosity. “The way I see it, the more I bless, the more I’m blessed,” he said. The happy winner said he has become a secret good Samaritan, giving back his fortune by quietly paying for grocery bills, restaurant checks and tanks of gas for those around him.     Could the next lucky racing combination be yours? Try your luck at the site of his latest win by visiting the D&S General Store located at 3507 Enterprise Road in Mitchellville. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the Prince George’s County retailer earns a $100.10 bonus from the Lottery.