Repeat Winner Drives Away with Another $50,000

Wins second $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top prize

April is a very lucky month for Wesley Davis Sr. from Baltimore. This time last year, Wesley took home $50,000 playing Bonus Match 5. Imagine his surprise when he went to check his Bonus Match 5 ticket from last Friday’s drawing and he learned that yet again, he won the $50,000 top prize again.

Davis could barely contain his excitement. “I was on the way to work when I pulled over to check my tickets and pick up a few more,” he said. “As soon as I saw the scanner flash a message about going to headquarters, I knew what that meant!”

The father-of-five asked the store clerk for a printout of the previous evening’s drawing numbers and sure enough, his ticket was a top-prize winner. While most people might call off work, Davis put the ticket back in his pocket and went straight to his job. “I was just so excited,” said the 56-year-old. “After all, I won the exact same thing this time last year.”

Last time around Davis bought himself a car, but this year he has his eyes on a new tractor trailer. “I’m a truck driver, so I would like to own my own rig,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to start researching now.”

Davis also plans to put some money aside for his two grandchildren who are six and three. He’s looking forward to continue playing Bonus Match 5 and hoping for another return visit. The winning ticket was purchased at Super Liquors located at 5605 Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore.