Restaurant Manager Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

A Rockville restaurateur got a little more sizzle in his pan recently when he took a chance with the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game. The 35-year-old asked for a series of quick-pick numbers on the daily game and was served a top-prize winning entree! His lucky ticket for the Aug. 13 drawing matched all five winning numbers and the Bonus Ball to deliver a $50,000 win.

The restaurant manager, who has worked in nearly all levels of food service for nearly a decade, said he only began playing Bonus Match 5 recently. He bought his $6 ticket at Shoppers #2370 in Kensington and discovered his big win while scanning the ticket at an area Lottery retailer. This time, the store scanner chirped and then flashed a five-digit dollar amount loaded with zeros. The winner remained calm and went home to store his lucky ticket in a box until he could take time off to claim his prize.

The fortunate player said he has no immediate plans for his windfall. The Montgomery County resident will park the prize in his savings account and celebrate his Lottery luck with family members.

Hungry for a win of your own? Visit the site of his lucky purchase. Shoppers #2370 is located at 5110 Nicholson Lane in Kensington.