Retailer Picks Winning Ticket for Lottery Player

Montgomery County man wins $50,000 Big Money Mega Play Top Prize

Big Money Mega PlayWhen a Silver Spring Lottery player purchased a Big Money Mega Play scratch-off ticket yesterday, he couldn’t have imagined that he’d be soon be heading to Lottery Headquarters to claim a $50,000 cash prize.  The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, did just that this afternoon.

The still-stunned winner told Lottery officials that although he’s won cash prizes before from the Maryland Lottery, he’s never won anything this big.   “I usually go after work to pick up a few tickets,” he said. I have a ritual where I let the clerk pick my tickets out for me. To my surprise, he picked out a winner!”

The 45-year-old man, who has worked in maintenance for over 18 years, said he plans to help the clerk that picked out the ticket for him with some kind of reward. “If it wasn’t for him, I probably would not have won.” He said he believes he was meant to win because he kept getting a feeling that he would win money. “Also, when I looked at the ticket, I noticed that the winning amount on the ticket was under my lucky number which is 36. This is truly a blessing for me and my family,” he said.

He said that beside giving the clerk a small reward, he plans to put some extra money on his mortgage, pay a few bills, and put some aside for his daughter’s college tuition.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Woodyard Shell at 8906 Woodyard Road in Clinton.