Retired Accountant Tallies Up $10,000 Lottery Scratch-off Prize

Elkridge resident finds luck playing Royal Gems game

232-Royal-Gems-ITVM_P1-purpleA retired accountant who spent his career working with numbers became happier and happier as he tallied up 30 prizes on a Maryland Lottery Royal Gems scratch-off. The Elkridge man’s first match to the game’s Royal Numbers showed a $500 prize. The matches kept adding up, row after row, until he passed the $5,000 mark and wound up with his biggest Lottery prize ever – $10,000.

The loyal player spotted the game at one of his regular Lottery retailers and tried it because it was new to him. The ticket went on sale just a few months ago. The grandfather of 13 enjoys playing scratch-offs so much he turned it into a hobby in retirement.

On the day of his win, the Howard County man arrived at Crestmount Wine & Spirits at 7968 Washington Boulevard in Jessup to cash in several winning scratch-offs. The 67-year-old spent $20 of his $100 prize money on the Royal Gems instant ticket and scratched it off in the store. Only his wife of 45 years and the store clerk know about his win, and the father of three adult children said he plans to keep it that way.

Our lucky winner also plays Pick 3 and Pick 4 using a combination of four numbers, but he really enjoys scratch-offs. He said he and his wife are sure to have a very happy holiday this year enjoying the $10,000 prize.

The Royal Gems game still has plenty of winning tickets remaining. There are two $1 million top prizes, four $50,000 prizes and another 13 $10,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state.