Retired Baltimore Accountant Finds ‘Heaven’ in Lottery Win

Claims $10,000 top prize in Star-Spangled Cash scratch-off

156-Star-Spangled-Cash-ITVMIn addition to the good friend he met for lunch in Baltimore’s Canton neighborhood back in January, a retired accountant unexpectedly bumped into $10,000 worth of Lottery luck.

The big fan of games of chance – casinos and horse racing, mainly – decided to try a Lottery scratch-off when he spotted an instant ticket vending machine near the shop where he was dining.

“I picked the Star-Spangled Cash game because of the $10,000 prize and the straight forward play style,” the 83-year-old told Lottery officials. “When I scratched it there with my buddy, I did it real slow, to draw out the tension. I never expected that it would actually be a winner.”

His deliberate technique proved effective, immediately revealing a match worth $3,000. “We were stunned,” he said. “I almost stopped scratching right there, I was in heaven.”

Reminded by his companion that there was more of the game to play, the Baltimore resident found two more matches that brought his total win to $10,000. “I’ll tell you, that was the most exciting lunch I’ve had in my entire life,” he said.

The happy Lottery player is putting his winnings in the bank. He plans to try more Lottery games as well as the tasty prepared meals at the lucky Harris Teeter store at 3779 Boston Street. “I’m relatively comfortable financially, so I’ll use this money to enjoy the ‘twilight’ part of my ‘twilight’ years.”

Lottery records show three more $10,000 Star-Spangled Cash tickets are unclaimed in Maryland stores. The $2 ticket also has four of its $3,000-winning tickets available.