Retired Baltimore Teacher Wins $50,015 Bonus Match 5 Prize

The winnings from this retired Baltimore teacher’s Bonus Match 5 prize will benefit upcoming family celebrations.

Big win will go toward upcoming family celebrations

A retired high school teacher who plays Bonus Match 5 each week said two big family celebrations later this year will benefit from her $50,015 top-prize win in the Aug. 23 drawing.

“My husband and I are so excited,” said the anonymous Baltimore resident, who selected the nickname “Lucky in Love” for her Lottery publicity.

The 60-year-old purchased her lucky $6 quick-pick ticket at Cross 10 Grocery in Baltimore. That night, after checking her numbers, “Lucky in Love” was in shock. Her ticket matched the drawing’s five winning numbers of 26, 27, 31, 34 and 35!

Family celebrations are the target for some of the winner’s windfall. The mother of two plans to put some of her prize aside for the birth of her first grandchild this fall. She also plans to contribute to her son’s wedding ceremony, also taking place in 2021, and will pay off bills and put funds into savings.

This was the Lottery’s 33rd top-prize winning Bonus Match 5 ticket of 2021. The winning grocery also has reason to celebrate! The Lottery will give the lucky store, Cross 10 Grocery located at 1039 South Charles Street, a bonus of $500 for selling a top-tier winning Bonus Match 5 ticket.