Retired Bookbinder Adds Lottery Win to Life Story

Claims second-to-last $30,000 Bonus 3s scratch-off prize

Bonus 3sStop the presses! A retired Carroll County bookbinder is adding a new chapter to the story of her life complete with details of her Lottery luck. The 65-year-old mother of two just claimed a $30,000 Maryland Lottery top prize on the Bonus 3s scratch-off game.

“I don’t play too often,” she told Lottery officials. “I pick up a ticket or two whenever the mood hits me.”

As luck would have it, she was in the Lottery mood on Saturday while doing her grocery shopping. She chose her Bonus 3s ticket at random from the selection in the Lottery vending machine and scratched it off in her car.

The first game on her $3 ticket was a bust, but the second game produced match after match. “When I saw that I’d gotten all 11 of the numbers I needed for the $30,000, I just sat there stunned.” A return to the store to confirm her win did little to convince her. “I just kept saying, ‘No way.’ ” Sharing the news of her win produced a similar reaction from her family. “No one would believe me – not my husband, my daughter or my daughter-in-law.”

The Taneytown woman plans to put her winnings in the bank for now, with thoughts of a family vacation in the near future. She found her lottery luck, among the fruits and vegetables at Kennie’s Market, 11 Grand Drive in Taneytown. One $30,000 jackpot winning ticket and four $1,000 winning tickets are still in the stores waiting for discovery.