Retired Burtonsville Man Builds Nest Egg with Scratch-Off Prize

Wins $50,000 on Lucky Numbers game

A loyal scratch-off player is still celebrating in Montgomery County after a favorite scratch-off he bought at his favorite diner earned him a $50,000 fortune! His top-prize win on the Lucky Numbers game will help the Burtonsville resident boost his retirement nest egg, make home improvements and go on vacation.

The retiree found Lottery luck while getting lunch at Tubby’s Diner in Laurel, which is one of his favorite spots. The 59-year-old decided to add two of his favorite scratch-offs to his lunch order to spice up his day. He selected a $10 The Price is Right® scratch-off and a $5 Lucky Numbers instant ticket.

Still awaiting his order, he scratched The Price is Right instant ticket and saw that he won a quick $15. The lucky man thought he only had enough time to scan the second instant ticket before lunch arrived but that changed when he saw the message on the ticket checker. It directed him to Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim his prize! After showing the scratch-off to the clerk, the winner learned he was $50,000 richer.

“I almost had a heart attack, I didn’t think it was real,” the lucky man said. He then showed the scratch-off to his wife of 33 years only to discover she also doubted his big win.

Tubby’s Diner will share in their good fortune, too. The store located at 5701 Sandy Spring Road will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off. There are still five top prizes unclaimed in the Lucky Numbers game, which launched in April. Be sure to visit your nearest retailer to try your luck!