Retired Engineer Designs Winning Scratch-off Formula

Frederick resident claims $10,000 prize on Diamond 7s game

239-Diamond-7s-ITVMA retired Frederick engineer whose winning formula led to plenty of Maryland Lottery scratch-off prizes in years past just achieved a new personal best – a $10,000 Diamond 7s scratch-off win.

The lucky man purchased 10 of the $10 Diamond 7s tickets at the Giant Eagle grocery at 1305 West 7th Street in Frederick. He won $35 on the first six tickets he scratched before finding the big prize.

“My wife was in the other room on the computer and I said, ‘I’ve got a good one,’ ” he said. “I saw $1,000 and another $1,000 and I knew it was either going to be $10,000 or $100,000 because those are the next prizes after $1,000.”

Once he totaled up the prize amounts on the instant ticket, the happy man was $10,000 richer. His previous best was a $3,000 scratch-off prize last year. He’s won a few $1,000 and $500 prizes along with numerous $100 prizes. While scratch-offs are his favorite Lottery games, he said he also enjoys Mega Millions and is hoping to land the jackpot one day.

The Frederick County resident said his formula for winning involves the concept of “more.”

“Buy more than one ticket at a time,” he said. “If you buy one ticket and you win big, you’re very lucky.”

The 75-year-old plans to put his prize money in the bank and try his Lottery luck again.

“Maybe I’ll go buy some more tickets and win that $100,000 prize,” he said.

The Diamond 7s ticket launched in November and three of its $100,000 top prizes are still unclaimed. There are also five more $10,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state.