Retired FedEx Driver Takes Delivery of $50,000 Lottery Prize

Henry Counts - You Win_web

Retired FedEx driver Henry Counts Sr. of Pasadena delivered his own $50,000 surprise on a You Win scratch-off.

Pasadena man wins top prize on You Win scratch-off

Only a few years ago, retiree Henry Counts Sr. of Pasadena would have been busy this time of year helping his FedEx co-workers around the world move holiday packages to happy customers. Instead, the retired driver delivered his own $50,000 surprise!

The 59-year-old scratched a $5 Maryland Lottery You Win instant ticket to reveal the game’s top prize. Henry plays Lottery games regularly, preferring Pick 3, Pick 4 and scratch-offs.

“When I turned 55, I began to win a bit more,” he said. “I won $5,000 twice on Pick 4 and then this!” On the day the big win came his way, the Anne Arundel County resident had bought several $5 scratch-offs from Arundel Liquors in Pasadena. He was watching the news and enjoying his instant tickets when he discovered his holiday surprise.

“I scratched several tickets,” he said. “I had a Get Lucky, a Show Me the Money … it wasn’t until I got to the You Win that I hit.”

He was taken aback when he saw that his winning number matched the number corresponding with the $50,000 prize. “I was just a nervous wreck. I read the ticket 100 times, copied it and put it in the safe,” Henry said. He also ran next door to have his son double-check the ticket.

He plans to use his prize to pay off a few home improvement bills and boost his savings account. “This will give me a bit of breathing room for unforeseen expenses,” he said.

Also a winner is the retailer. For selling the top-prize ticket, Arundel Liquors at 8530 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.