Retired Maintenance Worker Adds $50,000 Lottery Prize to Tool Belt

Joppa man wins with $20 Monopoly scratch-off

252-Monopoly-ITVMA retired maintenance employee ratcheted up his fun last week by winning $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery Monopoly scratch-off. The 63-year-old Joppa resident was in his vehicle, idling at a long traffic light, when Lottery luck announced itself like a honked horn.

The happy handyman chuckled while recalling the moment of his win. He bought the lucky ticket at his regular spot, Royal Farms #70 at 500 Joppa Farm Road in Joppa. He decided he just couldn’t wait through the two long traffic lights on his way home to see if the ticket held a win. He began scratching it off while waiting for the first traffic light to change to green and finished uncovering his prizes while waiting at a red light at the next big intersection.

“I finished the ticket and almost lost it,” he said. “I felt like I was floating – but still able to drive!”  The lucky man spent many years working on the maintenance team for a Baltimore County apartment and townhome complex. Now, the retiree uses his skills to help family members and saves his energy for his grandchildren.

The $50,000 prize came at a great time because he recently celebrated the marriage of his youngest daughter with an extravagant wedding reception. “This is a Godsend. It was a small fortune,” he said. He also plans to take the family out for a festive dinner to mark his good fortune.