Retired Police Officer Unexpectedly Banks a $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Western Maryland resident buys first $10 instant ticket, wins first top prize

Washington County’s Donald Long turned $10 he found hiding in his pocket into an unexpected $50,000 Lottery prize!

While at AC&T #650 in Hancock, the Big Pool resident reached into his pocket for money to buy a couple of $2 scratch-offs. The 75-year-old found $10 hiding in a fold of dollar bills so he pointed at the first $10 instant ticket he saw and asked for one.

As soon as he scratched off the Bankroll Buck$ game, Donald suspected Lottery luck had come his way. His game contained a 5X symbol — meaning he would win five times the amount underneath it — and the prize amount was $10,000. The retired police officer called his brother and son just to make sure he was reading the scratch-off correctly.

“My brother wasn’t sure but my son was so happy when I told him,” Donald said. “He knew I was a winner.”

The lucky player plans to buy his son a new zero-turn mower, pay some bills and buy a hunting rifle. He also plans to keep searching for big Lottery prizes.

The Bankroll Buck$ scratch-off joined the lineup of Lottery games in December. Players still have a chance to win three $100,000 top prizes, one remaining $50,000 prize and more than 280,000 additional prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000. To try your luck at Donald’s favorite Lottery retailer, visit the store at 260 East Main Street in Hancock.