Retired Postal Worker Joyful Over Special Delivery of $50,030 Lottery Prize

Years of Bonus Match 5 play led to top-prize win

Family plays an important role in an Owings Mills woman’s life and her Lottery play. After a decade of using the same series of self-selected Bonus Match 5 numbers, the 65-year-old turned a string of five digits into a $50,030 top prize. Numbers linked to her family and years of patience were the perfect alchemy for her big win!

The retired postal worker, who is calling herself “Special Delivery” for Lottery publicity, didn’t realize her lucky day had arrived until after the Aug. 16 drawing. She pulled out the $4 Bonus Match 5 ticket purchased at New Town Sunoco in Owings Mills and used her tablet to compare her numbers with the game drawing results.

The winning numbers staring back at “Special Delivery” were the same ones she began playing over a decade ago that are inspired by family birthdays. Finally, she had a top-prize win! The drawing results matched all five digits on one of the six lines of numbers on her ticket and three numbers on two additional lines, boosting her win to $50,030.

After a moment, the shock of winning was replaced by the joy of winning, which continued as “Special Delivery” shared news of her win with family members. The lucky Baltimore County resident said the windfall will boost her retirement savings.

For its special delivery of the winning ticket, New Town Sunoco will get its own Bonus Match 5 bonus. The lucky gas and convenience store located at 9330 Lakeside Boulevard in Owings Mills will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize-winning ticket.