Retired Seamstress Sews Up $10,000 Scratch-off Prize

$10,000 Neon X20_Freda Jones_web

Keedysville’s Freda Jones picked up a $10,000 prize playing the Neon x20 game.

Washington County woman wins with Neon x20 game

The first time Freda Jones of Keedysville won $10,000 playing a Maryland Lottery scratch-off, she was shocked.  The second time, the mother of four thought she was seeing things. The third time she won, playing the Neon x20 game, left her speechless. In fact, even more than a week after her win, the Washington County woman struggled to put her feelings into words.

The 68-year-old married grandmother of eight is also a great-grandmother of eight. She’s a big fan of instant tickets, especially the Lottery’s crossword scratch-offs. Freda’s latest round of Lottery luck arrived during her visit to Battleview Market at 5331 Sharpsburg Pike in Sharpsburg.

“I won $20 on a crossword scratch-off when I stopped in at the market for a sandwich,” she said. The market also happened to have the Neon x20 game in its inventory. “I decided to play once more and picked out the Neon ticket,” she said. “The color caught my eye.”

The retired seamstress scratched only the numbers on the ticket to check for a match. “I saw the “20 X Prize” symbol and was excited, I thought I’d find a $20 beneath it and win $400.” As she finished scratching off the ticket, Freda was amazed to see $500 under the multiplier match.  “I did the math, realized that it was a $10,000 winner and immediately had trouble breathing,” she said. “I kept saying to myself, ‘Oh my goodness,’ until I caught my breath.”

Freda immediately called her husband, opening the conversation with a warning that he’d better sit down. A veteran of such calls from his wife, her husband’s response was, “You won again?” The Neon x20 prize will finance a few home improvement projects, Freda said. “We’ll also be sharing this good luck with our kids.”

The $10 Neon x20 scratch-off is part of a family of Neon scratch-off games that debuted more than a year ago. Also offered are a $1 Neon x2 game, a $2 Neon x5 game and $5 Neon x10 game. Freda’s $10 Neon x20 game still has two of its $100,000 top prizes available and one more unclaimed $10,000 winner.