Retired Steel Worker Forges Second Big Win

$10,000 Keno_Pop_web

Congratulations to “Pop,” a Baltimore resident who won $10,000 while playing Keno at the Soda Pop Store in Dundalk.

Baltimore resident scores $10,000 after winning $50,000 four years ago

A retired Bethlehem Steel worker from Baltimore didn’t need any heavy equipment to forge a $10,000 treasure last week. While playing his regular game of Keno at his favorite Lottery retailer – the Soda Pop Store in Dundalk – the winner was shocked once he realized he had hit it big yet again. Four years ago he won a $50,000 prize on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket.

“All I do is play Keno and watch the ballgames,” stated the 85-year-old-winner. A regular at the Soda Pop Store, he has earned special in-store recognition from the owner, who nicknamed him “Pop.”

“They even have their own special seat for me once I arrive,” Pop said, adding that his routine involves grabbing a Yoo-hoo chocolate drink, taking his reserved seat, and then playing his regular numbers. Last week, one of his 7-Spot tickets matched all seven numbers, delivering a $2,500 prize that was multiplied to $10,000 because he had added the Super Bonus option to his ticket.

He is still in shock over his second big win. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “My buddies saw it first.” He plans on using the money to remodel his bathroom, and will donate to some of his favorite charities. And he can’t wait to play again.

“I will leave here and play some more,” he said, adding that he plans on striking gold a third time with the Mega Millions and Powerball next on his list.

This retiree wasn’t the only winner. The Soda Pop Store, located at 7715 Westfield Road in Dundalk, will receive a bonus of $100 – equal to 1 percent of the prize value – for selling a winning Keno ticket worth at least $10,000.