Retired Steelworker Scores $50,000 Win Playing Bonus Match 5

Quick-pick ticket leads to top prize in March 24 drawing

A 62-year-old Baltimore man who picks up a Maryland Lottery game ticket nearly every day decided, about six months ago, to take a break from playing Bonus Match 5. On the very day the loyal player ended that break, he took home the game’s $50,000 top prize.

“I was getting a Mega Millions ticket and had a dollar or two left over,” said the father of three, who found his luck at Loch Raven Liquors in Baltimore. “I decided to get a Bonus Match 5 ticket. It had been a while and I figured maybe the luck had built up.”

Indeed it had! Later that night, when checking the evening drawing results, the retired steelworker discovered that his timing had been perfect.

“I compared the winning numbers to my ticket and saw that every number matched,” he said. “I had to get out of bed to turn on a brighter light to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.”

Ecstatic over his win, the grandfather of four thought back on how often it seemed that he’d been one number away from winning big money.

“Finally, I had every number where it was supposed to be. It was an enormous relief,” he said. “Bills that have been nagging me will soon disappear.” In addition to clearing debt, the retiree plans to pack his bags and travel. Want to make your own trip to his lucky Lottery store? Visit Loch Raven Liquors at 1700 Yakona Road in Baltimore. For selling the lucky top-prize ticket, Loch Raven Liquors will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.