Retired Suitland Woman Surprised by Bonus Match 5 Luck

Wins $50,000 Prize Playing Her Favorite Game

A Maryland Lottery regular who plays the same numbers several nights a week happily discovered she had the winning combination for the Bonus Match 5 drawing on Feb. 8.

The Suitland woman, who has won small amounts in the past playing a combination of family birthdays and random numbers, claimed the $50,000 top prize in that Saturday night drawing.

“When I saw the winning numbers in the paper the next day, I immediately recognized my family dates,” said the 65-year-old Prince George’s County resident. “I was thrilled. I thought I’d won $15.” Then, the retiree looked more closely at the newspaper’s numbers and those on her ticket. Five numbers matched.

“The newspaper had to have it wrong,” she remembers thinking. “There was no way I had all five winning numbers.” She went online to the Maryland Lottery website and quickly confirmed that good fortune had found her. “I didn’t believe it then, and only sort of believe it now.”

The retired phone company consultant plans to share her winnings with family and her favorite charities. “I’ve been grateful for every win that’s come my way,” she said. “I hope to show that gratitude by helping others.”

Lottery luck visited her at the Shoppers grocery #2350 at 5820 Silver Hill Road in District Heights.