Retired Truck Driver on Road to Riches

Wins $30,000 Blackout Bingo Top Prize

Blackout BingoA 64-year-old Baltimore man had no idea what was in store for him last night when he took a little trip to BNG Cut Rate to purchase a scratch-off ticket. The frequent Lottery player had never won a large amount in the past, so was stunned to discover he’d won the $30,000 top prize on Blackout Bingo.

The man scratched the lucky ticket in the store immediately after it was purchased. One by one, the numbers started matching up. When he realized he had matched every number, excitement overcame him.

“I was so happy I started jumping around the store,” said the winner. He was the only person in the store at the time, so his celebration dance was shared with a store employee. When the store worker told him he needed to go to Lottery headquarters to cash the winning scratch-off, the realization of his windfall sunk in. “I’ve bought scratch-offs in so many states. I never thought I would find a winner right at home,” said the retired truck driver.

Having traveled around the country for 42 years, the man intends to visit a few of his favorite cities with his new winnings. At the top of his list is New York City, where he plans to spend a few days with family and friends. The winning ticket was purchased at BNG Cut Rate, located at 1538 E. Baltimore St. in Baltimore.