Retired Truck Driver’s Quick-Pick Ticket Hauls In Huge Lottery Win

Sterrett BM5 webRetired truck driver Marion Sterrett of Baltimore hauled off a $50,000 taxes-paid, top-prize win on Bonus Match 5.

Baltimore man claims taxes-paid top prize on Bonus Match 5 game

A retired Baltimore truck driver didn’t mind getting back in the driver’s seat to haul away a $50,000 prize from the Maryland Lottery, especially when a taxes-paid promotion applied to his top-prize win on the popular Bonus Match 5 game.

Marion Sterrett’s win was packed with surprises. First, the 62-year-old won in the April 23 drawing by letting the terminal pick the numbers. He is the 15th top-prize Bonus Match 5 winner in 2015. And, the win came while the Lottery had a Bonus Match 5 taxes-paid promotion in progress for top-prize wins. Finally, a clerk’s decision to run his Quick-Pick playslip first rather than the playslip with his favorite numbers actually put him in the Winner’s Lounge!

Marion found his good fortune while on the road, driving to pick up his daughter. He decided to stop at the E-Z Convenience & Deli in Towson, where he likes to play Bonus Match 5 and Multi-Match on Mondays and Thursdays. Marion went into the retailer planning to enter three $6 playslips into the drawing. He faithfully plays his own set of numbers and intended that to be his first playslip. However, the retailer first gave him nine boards of Quick Picks on a $6 ticket and that was the winning ticket!

“I told my wife, she was surprised,” Marion said.

His win comes at a perfect time for lucky Marion and his wife of 41 years. All of their bills come due at this time of year, he said, so much of the prize will go toward paying these bills. The happy couple are still deciding how to spend the rest of their prize and may, for example, take a trip to their Virginia timeshare.

E-Z Convenience & Deli, located at 6825 Loch Raven Boulevard, will receive a $500 bonus for selling the top-prize ticket. The taxes-paid promotion that allowed Marion to keep the entire $50,000 prize ended on April 26.