Retiree Puts Frederick on Maryland Lottery Winners’ Map

First-time Payday Doubler player wins $50,000

Payday DoublerA lifelong Maryland Lottery player who loves all of the games from Pick 3 to Powerball and scratch-offs found himself gazing at the Lottery’s online Winners Map one day.

“I noticed there weren’t too many winners in Frederick,” said the retail grocery retiree who calls the thriving city his home. “I didn’t know then that I was going to get on the map soon.” His decision to try out a Payday Doubler scratch-off is all it took for the father of two adult children to make Lottery history.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the loyal Lottery player said of his win. When he visits a Lottery retailer, he usually scratches off his tickets in the store. He followed his routine on Monday and gave the store owner the surprise of her life.

“I wanted to make sure it was the right number,” he said, because he was squinting to see his scratch-off card. “I didn’t have my glasses with me. I showed the ticket to the lady who sold the ticket and she screamed she was so excited!” She told him his $50,000 win represents the biggest scratch-off ticket prize ever to come from a ticket sold at her store.

He called his wife and told her about the ticket, only to find she didn’t believe him. “He kept saying, ‘You aren’t going to believe it,’ ” she said. “I didn’t until I saw it.”

She promptly hid the ticket under the mattress until the couple, who have been married 13 happy years, could come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The man’s lucky retailer on Monday was Brown’s Liquors & Deli at 908 E. Patrick St. in Frederick.