Retiree Waterproofs Nest with $60,000 Orioles Scratch-off Win

Former Federal Worker Plans Roof Repair

140-Orioles-ITVMA Washington, D.C. woman with a leaky roof plans to waterproof her nest after winning $60,000 on a Maryland Lottery Orioles scratch-off.

The former federal worker nabbed the third top prize awarded to date on the $5 instant ticket. A retired White House administrative aide, the 66-year-old has served under the past four administrations. The scratch-off aficionado had dropped off a family member at work in Suitland and was headed home when she had an urge to buy an instant ticket.

“Something just told me to stop and pick up a scratch-off,” she said. She opted for a stop at Suitland’s Auth Road Shell and the Lottery’s new Orioles scratch-off based on that same intuition.

It wasn’t until later that evening that our happy winner remembered to fish the scratch-off out of her purse. “I had been lying in bed, praying that the rain would stop since I had discovered a leak in my ceiling late last week,” she said. Her heart began to flutter wildly as she scratched off the $60,000 win.

“I told myself, ‘Calm down, calm down. You want to live to see this prize,’ ” she said.

Our lucky winner plans to use her prize to fix the roof leak. She also plans to share a portion of the winnings with family. She bought her lucky ticket at Auth Road Shell located at 5120 Auth Road in Suitland.