Return Winner Has Big Charitable Plans

Wins $50,000 on Bonus Match 5

A Prince Georges County man has won big from the Maryland Lottery for the second time in several years. The retired contractor picked up a Bonus Match 5 ticket several months ago before relocating out of state for a short-term project. Despite winning the $50,000 top prize, he was in no hurry to collect his winnings.

The man, who had previously won over $1 million, didn’t see an immediate reason to rush back to Maryland for his prize. He finally had a reason last Friday to come in to Lottery headquarters and claim the prize. “I saw all of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy on TV and knew I needed to donate the money to the Red Cross and Unicef,” said the kind hearted winner. “Life is full of opportunities and if you can help others, you should.”

The man vowed to keep his second big win a secret. “I didn’t tell anyone about my first win,” he said solemnly. “This will be something I take to the grave with me. I just want to help others; I don’t need any attention for doing the right thing.” The lucky winner hopes to anonymously donate the $50,000 prize.

The man plans to keep playing the Lottery. “I started playing every day after my first big win,” said the retired contractor. “I’m sure I’ll keep playing. Who knows, maybe I can make my third trip to Lottery headquarters!”  The winning ticket was purchased at Marlow Wings, located at 4147 Branch Ave. in Temple Hills.