Rich Partnership Grows Richer for ‘Mashed Potatoes & Gravy’

Western Marylanders claim first $100,000 top prize on Maryland Lottery’s new $5 Ravens scratch-off

A longtime couple from Cumberland are the first winners of one of the Maryland Lottery’s new 2020 Ravens Scratch-Offs, claiming the first of the seven $100,000 top prizes on the $5 Ravens game. The lucky pair, who call themselves “Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,” told Lottery officials they purchased the winning scratch-off while visiting their local grocer to buy gravy for Sunday dinner.

Like the Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens football, some partnerships work well. This Lottery-loving couple have teamed up for more than 19 years. When Sunday approached and they ran short on supplies, “Gravy” went into action. The 64-year-old auto mechanic hurried to Martin’s #6003 in Cumberland to pick up ingredients for mashed potatoes and gravy. While there, he phoned home and asked “Mashed Potatoes,” a 55-year-old receptionist, if he should buy scratch-offs, too. She agreed and he purchased five of the $5 Ravens instant tickets.

The couple scratched off their games shortly after their meal. On the fifth and final scratch-off, they revealed a winning number match and, under it, a $100,000 top prize. “Gravy” told Lottery officials he was tickled by the win. “I just started laughing and told her that she better take a look at this,” he said.

The duo plans to use the prize to pay off some bills, including a car loan and a mortgage.

The site of their lucky win, Martin’s #6003 located at 739 Park Street, will receive a $1,000 retailer bonus for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off. This lucky store has sold seven winning games with prizes of $10,000 or more since 2013, including a $1 million 100X the Cash prize in 2017 and a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize in May.

The Lottery’s $2 and $5 Ravens scratch-offs offer players two ways to win instantly plus a second-chance promotion. The scratch-offs launched at Maryland Lottery retailers in July, offering up to $500,000 in prizes including six more $100,000 top prizes on the $5 Ravens instant ticket and seven $20,000 top prizes on the $2 Ravens game. Players can enter non-winning Ravens scratch-offs into a second-chance promotion through My Lottery Rewards to try to win cash prizes, seats for 20 years, travel with the Ravens team to an away game and more for the 2021 season or later.