Riverdale Man Wins $30,000 Playing Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

A routine stop at his favorite Lottery retailer led to a pleasant surprise for a Prince George’s County man. The 43-year-old plays the Lottery three or four times a week – always at the same place. Yesterday around 5 PM, accompanied by his friend, he stopped at Riggs Grocery, where he purchased his lucky ticket. “I like playing here,” said the delighted father-of-three. “They’re friendly and encourage us to play.” And, play they did. At the winner’s request, his friend scratched the Blackout Bingo ticket right there in the store and discovered the win.

The happy twosome immediately realized their good fortune, but asked the cashier to examine the ticket. The cashier said, “That’s a lot of money. You have to go to the Lottery.”  Quietly exiting the store, the pair then went to another Lottery retailer, where they got the same response.

The winner, who works in the home improvement industry, has no real plans for his windfall and no one but his playing companion is aware of his good fortune, yet. “I wanted to make sure, before I told my wife,” he said.

The winning ticket was purchased at Riggs Grocery, located at 5405 Kenilworth Ave. in Riverdale.