Rockville Couple Claims $775,000 Multi-Match Prize

Third Multi-Match Jackpot Hit in Just Two Months’ Time

Multi-MatchPlaying Multi-Match is a weekly ritual for the happy twosome who arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim their big prize. “It’s a way of life,” said the 83-year-old winner. The couple buys $20 worth of Multi-Match tickets each week and also has a Multi-Match subscription. This week’s purchase of Quick Pick tickets had a very different result than prior plays when they matched all six numbers, 11, 17, 20, 26, 32 and 37, to hit the Multi-Match jackpot. While the annuity was $775,000, the winners chose to take the cash option which totaled $525,104 when adding in another $104 for wins on other lines.

Describing themselves as “faithful players” the winners said they were “elated” and “surprised” when asked about the reaction to their newfound wealth. Although thrilled to have won,  their windfall was tempered by recent news of family medical issues.

Thus far, they have not shared the good news with anyone, but the parents of three and grandparents of 11, definitely intend to share the money. “The winnings will go into trust funds for the education of our 11 grandchildren,” said the semi-retired winner.

The winning ticket was purchased at Giant #327, located at 7142 Arlington Rd. in Bethesda.  This jackpot marks the third big Multi-Match winner so far in 2011.  In January, a Hagerstown man claimed a $650,000 prize and an anonymous woman claimed a $550,000 winning ticket.  Winners have 182 days from the drawing date to claim their prize.

Multi-Match drawings can be viewed on Monday and Thursday nights at 11:22 PM on WBAL-TV Channel 11.  A $2 purchase delivers three lines of numbers and ten ways to win.