Rockville Dad Wins $100,000 Prize on The Price is Right® Scratch-off

Lucky ticket sold at Rockville Food Lion

His son’s request for iced tea led to a late night trip to the grocery store and a big scratch-off win for a lucky Rockville Lottery fan! The player is the fourth $100,000 top-prize winner in The Price is Right® scratch-off game.

As the Montgomery County man and his family approached the entrance of Food Lion #1661 in Rockville, his wife spotted a Maryland Lottery vending machine. She decided to stop and test her luck. After playing a few scratch-offs without finding a win, the mother and son decided to buy the iced tea while the husband played a scratch-off.

They returned to find the 42-year-old still playing his instant ticket. Before calling it quits, the dad bought three scratch-offs in the $10 The Price is Right game. He quickly scratched the Prize Check box on all three instant tickets and scanned them to see if he had found a winning game. His son noticed a message on the ticket checker directing his dad to take the scratch-off to the Lottery. He immediately asked what that meant! Rather than explain the message in public, the family left the store so the contractor could scratch the remainder of that particular instant ticket off while in the privacy of their home.

He saw that the ticket carried a match with a winning number and scratched off the prize area, revealing the words “$100,000.” The winner remembers that he suddenly had to sit down! Later, at Lottery headquarters, the happy player said he plans to use the windfall to buy a new home for his family and pay off bills.

This lucky player isn’t the only one who wins! For selling the $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off in the game, the grocery located at 845 Rockville Pike will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The Price is Right® scratch-off game launched on April 22, 2019. There are still eight remaining $100,000 prizes and 13 $50,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers.