Rockville Landscaper Finds Green Cure for Winter Blues

$50K Monopoly Beltran webLandscaper Jose Beltran of Rockville is seeing green with his $50,000 Monopoly scratch-off win.

Claims $50,000 top prize on Lottery’s new Monopoly scratch-off

The landscaping business often freezes up during frigid weather, making it tough for workers to make ends meet. Landscaper Jose Beltran of Rockville, however, unearthed a green cure for his winter work blues – a $50,000 Maryland Lottery Monopoly scratch-off win!

“I get some work in on the milder days, but there haven’t been too many mild days recently,” the 30-year-old told Lottery officials. “I can keep up with my bills as long as nothing unexpected comes along.”

A once-a-week instant ticket player, Jose was running an errand when he wound up next door to a Lottery retailer, the Asian Supermarket in Rockville. “I saw that they sold tickets so I went in to see if they had my favorite one,” he said. That favorite scratch-off is Monopoly, which he said brings him a win more often than not. He tried his luck with a $5 ticket; the Lottery in January launched a family of Monopoly tickets priced at $1, $2, $5 and $10.

“I scratched it and didn’t see a win and was looking for a trash can,” he said. “Before tossing it, I took one more look.” That last glance brought the $50,000 prize he’d won into view. “I was very surprised … thrilled! I took a deep breath, trying to stay calm.”

Jose’s Lottery luck will carry him until spring brings nicer weather and a busier work schedule. “I’m not as worried now when the temperature drops,” he said.

After claiming his prize, the Montgomery County resident headed home for a nap because his excitement kept him awake all night. Next on his agenda is a new car search. When he drives by the Asian Supermarket at 2200 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville, he’s sure to have a smile on his face. The store staff members can also smile because the supermarket receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket.

Want to get in on the fun? There are four top prizes remaining on the $5 scratch-off and no one has yet claimed the top prizes on the three other tickets.