Rose Gold Black Scratch-off Reveals $2 Million Win

Hyattsville player enjoys $30 game’s top prize

A lucky Maryland Lottery player became a multimillionaire after finding a $2 million top prize on a Rose Gold Black scratch-off. The Hyattsville resident claimed the second of five top prizes in the $30 game.

The 42-year-old Prince George’s County player bought the game at T&J Beer, Wine & Liquor located at 7669 New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park. For selling the $2 million winning scratch-off, the Montgomery County Lottery retailer earns a bonus of $2,000 from the Lottery.

Rose Gold Black still has plenty of prizes remaining, including three $50,000 prizes and four $5,000 prizes. This is one of two games in the Rose Gold scratch-off family. Players can also try their luck with the $10 Rose Gold scratch-off.