Rosedale Dad Wins Powerball Prize Playing Son’s Lucky Numbers

$50 Powerball_Roger Hall

Roger Hall of Rosedale won a $50,000 Powerball prize playing his late son’s lucky numbers.

Claims $50,000 winning ticket from April 2 drawing

Roger Hall of Rosedale tapped the Lottery luck remaining in his late son’s lucky numbers to win one of Maryland’s three $50,000 Powerball prizes from the April 2 drawing.

The Baltimore County dad, who played the numbers in both the March 30 and April 2 drawings, had family on his mind when he visited Lottery headquarters alone to claim the prize. His wife and kids were anxiously waiting to hear that the $50,000 win that had so shocked them was, in fact, a reality. His late son was the family member Roger mentioned first, however, because it was his lucky numbers that delivered the win.

“I play the jackpot games every week, Mega Millions, Powerball and now Cash4Life,” said the 65-year-old copier technician. “My son played also, always using the same numbers. I play those numbers now since he passed, just to keep his streak going.”

Roger checked his tickets after the drawing and was happy to see that his matches meant he had some cash coming. Surprise set in, however, when the lucky store that sold him the winning ticket directed him to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. He found his luck at Mars #7 located at 9544 Philadelphia Road in Baltimore.

“I pulled up the winning Powerball numbers to check my ticket as soon as I got home,” he said. When the matches on his ticket added up to a $50,000 win, he called over his wife. “We both just kept saying, ‘No. This can’t be right!’ ”

The happy couple will soon begin a home remodeling project with the prize. They also plan to share their good fortune with the family and add to their retirement savings.