Rosedale Scratch-off Player Hooks a Whale of a Winner

Finds $50,000 top prize on Power 5s game

A wholesale seafood worker who goes fishing for Maryland Lottery scratch-off wins one or two times a month just hooked a $50,000 whopper.

The father of three, who visits Waterloo Exxon in Jessup regularly to buy gas, said he sometimes adds a $5 instant ticket to his purchase. The 45-year-old did just that on Columbus Day and took his chances with the Power 5s game.

The Rosedale man took the instant ticket back to his vehicle to scratch it off. The very last line of the ticket revealed a winning symbol – and a $50,000 top prize. The startled player immediately took a picture of the lucky scratch-off with his phone.

“I only matched one,” he said, “but it was the one that mattered! I took a picture of the ticket and sent it to my wife. I said, ‘Please, tell me it’s true!’”

The happy husband headed home to his family and gave the scratch-off to his wife. They checked the instant ticket carefully and agreed that he’d netted a huge win. “We put the ticket up high, away from the kids,” he said, and they shared news of their good fortune with their parents.

What will they do with the prize? The couple has dreamed about a kitchen renovation for a year and slowly set money aside to pay for the project. “This will make it a little easier,” the winner said.

The lucky Howard County retailer also benefits. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game, Waterloo Exxon located at 7930 Washington Boulevard in Jessup will earn a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

Plenty of prizes remain in this game, including three more $50,000 top prizes and six more $5,000 prizes, in addition to thousands of other prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.