Routine Fun Leads to $1 Million Powerball Win

Prince George’s County resident claims second-tier prize in Nov. 13 drawing

“Never thought it would happen to me,” is what a Prince George’s County resident said after claiming a $1 million second-tier Powerball prize. The lucky player never envisioned winning so much money with one quick-pick ticket.

“It’s just something to do,” the happy winner said, “like bowling. But it’s definitely more fun than bowling.” Although no 10 pins were involved, the happy winner still hit a major strike in the Nov. 13 drawing by knocking down five of the six winning Powerball numbers for the big prize.

Retirement and world travel are future possibilities for the new millionaire, along with financially helping the next generation.

The winning Powerball ticket hailed from 7-Eleven #11534 located at 2129 Defense Highway in Crofton. The Anne Arundel County retailer also gets a piece of the prize, receiving a $2,500 bonus for selling a second-tier ticket.

The Powerball jackpot has continued to roll for weeks. There’s still time to get a ticket for tonight’s drawing, which features a $258 million jackpot. The cash option is $17.5 million.