Routine Lunch Stop Yields Man $100,000 Cash

Wins $100,000 on Jumbo Cash Doubler Scratch-off

An Anne Arundel County bus driver made one extra stop on his route today:  Maryland Lottery headquarters.  The lucky man and his wife came in just before their three-day weekend to claim a $100,000 top prize from the Jumbo Cash Doubler scratch-off ticket.

The man, an avid scratch-off player, had a few extra minutes during his work day this past week and decided to pick up some food and Lottery tickets.  He made his way back to his bus, scratched his ticket and casually looked at the prize beneath the two matching numbers he found.  What he saw made him jump out of his seat.  “I ran back into the store and asked the clerk to look at it for me,” he said. “She looked and her mouth dropped open.  That’s when I knew that my eyes hadn’t been deceiving me.”  He immediately called his wife, and they excitedly started adding up their bills and planning to pay them off.

The couple made the decision to split their winnings into three pots:  the first to cover all outstanding debts, the second for their savings account and the third for a well-deserved vacation.  They need to be conservative; after all, they have seven children and 20 grandchildren so money has always been tight.  The ticket winning ticket was purchased at Lucky’s Superette, located at 1101 Odenton Rd. in Odenton.