Running Joke Becomes Reality for Maryland Lottery Winners

Glen Burnie couple claims $50,000 prize playing 50x the Cash scratch-off

An Anne Arundel County couple often jokes about winning big money. After scratching their way to a $50,000 win in the Maryland Lottery’s 50x the Cash game, they don’t have to joke any longer.

“We’ll always say, ‘Our million dollar check is in the mail,’ ” said the 69-year-old wife of the winning duo. Now, that check really is in the mail! And, even though it’s not $1 million, the $50,000 scratch-off win is enough to bring huge smiles to the Glen Burnie couple’s faces.

“My wife actually purchased the ticket,” said the 70-year-old husband. She had just finished having her nails done when something told her to stop at Royal Farms #67 located at 7201 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard to buy an instant ticket. She purchased one of the 50x the Cash games and scratched it off in her car. The accountant revealed a $1,000 prize beneath a “50x” symbol, meaning she won a whopping $50,000. In amazement, the lucky lady drove home with the scratch-off to show it to her husband.

“I told him, ‘What’s 50 times $1,000,’ ” she said, smiling. “I said ‘$50,000,’ ” replied the husband. “But, I told her that she must be reading it wrong, that can’t be right.”

They confirmed the winning scratch-off’s prize amount at a local Lottery retailer but the husband – who is a retired engineer – said he wasn’t going to get excited until the win was confirmed at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. By the time they arrived in the Lottery Winner’s Circle, the win was confirmed and the prize on its way and the couple was finally able to relax.

The winning duo will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary in September. With their prize, the couple plans to take a trip to Ocean City. They also will help their youngest son purchase furniture for his new apartment, give some of the windfall to charity and pay some bills.

The 50x the Cash scratch-off is part of the Lottery’s Multiplier family of games. Players can shift their cash into hyperdrive by trying their luck with a 5x the Cash game, 10x the Cash and 20x the Cash games. The 50x the Cash scratch-off still has seven $100,000 top prizes remaining, eight more $50,000 prizes and thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000!

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